The Exploration of the Person-Nature Relationship.


Ecopsychology is the study of the person-nature relationship. Ecopsychology is a interdisciplinary approach to understanding how humans view and interact with the natural world. Drawing on the research findings and scholarly understandings of environmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, nature philosophy, evolutionary biology, ecology, indigenous world-views, and spiritual practices, this exciting new discipline is bringing much needed hope to our world in ecological crisis.

The Outdoor Adventure Leader is currently developing different educational opportunities within the scope of ecopsychology. For starters, the exploration into one’s ecological identity can be an insightful journey into how one relates with the natural world, and what this relationship means to one personally and to the natural world.

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At the current moment, we have two programs that integrate ecopsychology into the curriculum: Integrating Community into Leadership: River Guiding and River Guide School: Professional Outdoor Adventure Leader

One way to explore one’s ecological identity is through the introspective process of writing an environmental autobiography, which is a narrative of one’s development with relation to the natural and built environments. If you would like to read an example of an environmental autobiography, you can read Eric Peterson’s.

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